Asianajotoimisto Luoti offers services in the following legal areas:

Child law, i.e. visiting rights, maintenance, and alimony payments

For parents: Assisting in disputes relating to meetings between the parent and the child, alimony payments, and maintenance and housing of the child (settlement meetings, specialist-assisted mediation at court, court mediation, and trials).

Criminal cases and restraining orders

For civil parties (victims) in criminal cases: Assisting in police questionings and legal proceedings, and representing under-aged persons in criminal proceedings.

For persons who are suspected or accused of a criminal offence: Assisting in police questionings and at trials.

For persons seeking a restraining order: Assisting in completing restraining order applications and at trials.

Labour law

For employees whose employment relationship has been ended illegally: Claiming compensation from the previous employer in mediation negotiations and/or at trials.

Foreigner affairs

For foreigners and persons with a foreign background: Preparing claims to the administrative court and the supreme administrative court on refusals of the Immigration Office regarding resident permit or citizenship application.

Law of torts

For persons who have suffered damage and wish to claim for financial compensation: Mediation negotiations and trials.

Social enterprises

For persons thinking of founding a social enterprise and for existing companies that are interested in turning their company into a social enterprise: Consulting services relating to social enterprises in general, and in particular to the regulations that must be included in the Articles of Association.

Working languages

We serve all clients regardless of their native language. Our working languages are Finnish and English. Where required, we will use interpretation and translation services.