Pricelist Valid from 9 January 2017

Our invoicing is based on the time spent working on the case. The hourly rate is €248 (incl. VAT 24%).

For legal aid clients and clients entitled to a defender or a legal counsellor, the hourly rate is €136.40 (incl. VAT 24%). The hourly rate can be increased by the maximum of 20% if the case requires the use of a foreign language or is to be completed in exceptional circumstances, or treated as especially urgent for some reason that is beyond our control. In these cases, the hourly rate is €163.68 (incl. VAT 24%).

The first telephone conference or preliminary email correspondence is free of charge. Clients can also schedule free 30-minute initial consultations with the attorney.

The minimum fee charged for individual telephone conferences and emails is usually 15 minutes (0.25 hours).

All prices include value added tax 24%. Travel expenses will be invoiced separately.

Covering the cost of services

Most Finnish home insurance policies, farm insurance policies, business insurance policies, and car insurance policies include cover for legal expenses. Members of trade unions are also protected by a legal expenses insurance. Both types of legal expenses insurance cover lawyer’s fees and legal proceeding fees.

Persons with a low income and no legal expenses insurance can often get legal aid from the State, in which case the State will pay any lawyer’s expenses either partly or in full.

Under-aged persons suspected of a crime usually have a right to a defender. The fees of the defender, such as a lawyer, are paid by the State.

Victims of serious violent and sexual crimes often have the right to a legal counsellor. The fees of the legal counsellor, such as a lawyer, are paid by the State.

We always investigate our clients’ right to receive legal assistance or insurance benefits and will apply for them on their behalf.  When the requirements are met, we will also apply for a defender and legal counsellor on behalf of the client.